About CuratedCourses

Finding great resources is a first step to great student experiences


Finding online resources for the learning and teaching of college mathematics is not difficult: resources abound. However, finding resources that are readily available, field-tested in a variety of settings, and known to be high quality is more of a challenge. This project is

  1. Collecting materials such as textbook content, videos, interactive applets, and instructor guides
  2. Identifying optimal methods for building comprehensive, quality-controlled, and curated libraries of freely reusable instructional materials for college-level mathematics courses; and
  3. Investigating the impact of this library on faculty adoption of evidence-based teaching practices. The materials are created and curated collaboratively. The project has provided training in the development and use of such content. The project is exploring how this new approach enables instructors to locate and utilize a variety of curricular materials in the classroom.

The initial focus of the project is on linear algebra because these courses are important for real-world applications as well as for the mathematical theory. The project team is developing a platform for hosting and disseminating open mathematics content, identifying optimal ways to foster a collaborative approach to content creation, and running workshops to train faculty in the use of open content. By measuring how the open content is being used and reused by instructors, the investigators will discover what features of online content are especially effective at encouraging broad adoption by mathematicians.

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