For students

A guide for students on how to use CuratedCourses

Have you ever been frustrated when trying to Google for how-to videos and apps that might help you learn mathematics? Curated Courses is a great way to find high quality materials to assist you in studying! Each resource is hand-selected by experts in mathematics and mathematics education, so you know you'll get quality content that is applicable to your studies.

Content to support your class/textbook

Many students find themselves struggling with particular topics, not because they aren't trying to learn, but because they just haven't encountered the right visualization or explanation of the related idea.

If you need an alternative explanation for a topic in your mathematics course, CuratedCourses may be able to help!

  • If you are using a textbook in our database, you can look up resources by section.
  • If your book is not available, or if you don't have a textbook, no worries! Several of the textbooks in our database (for example, Beezer and Hefferon) are free and open-source, and can be viewed directly in your browser.
  • Also, content can be searched for or filtered by topic. For example, here is a collection of resources related to the dot product.

Content for self-guided learning or review

If you are exploring a field of mathematics on your own, CuratedCourses has several resources to help you along the way. In addition to curating several free and open-source textbooks that can be viewed in your browser, we've curated bundles of course content together to guide your studies.

Even if you're just looking for a refresher on a particular topic, or want to explore an additional idea outside your current course, our tagged resources will help you find exactly what you need to get you going.