For the instructor

A guide for instructors on how-to use CuratedCourses

We know the pain of trying to find high-quality resources for your mathematics course. Searching Google can result in several top results that lack mathematical rigor, or perhaps assume certain skills that you haven't covered or accounted for in your course. CuratedCourses is just that: curated, by experts in mathematics and mathematics education.

Tagged and searchable

A lot of care has been put into making sure our resources are thoughtfully tagged, categorizing resources not just by keywords, but also by definition, theorem, objective...

Of course, you can also use our search to look up resources by name, with the confidence that each resource has been peer reviewed by our team.

Supporting active learning

Because CuratedCourses is brought to you by experts in mathematics and matheamtical education, many of the resources and guides featured here are designed with active learning in mind. Need a video on the non-commutativity of matrices to flip your classroom? What about a guide to create activities that foster inquiry in your classroom?

Materials for review and independent study

If a student comes to you looking for extra help outside of class, you may find our resources useful to provide supplementary materials for review or remediation. On the other hand, more advanced materials can also serve as gateway to help you facilitate an independent study!

Regardless, CuratedCourses can help you find ready-to-use resources and web apps that can demonstrate key concepts for your students.

Export a complete course package

Given a last-minute prep? We've curated course packages that can be easily imported into Canvas and get you up and running quickly!